Speech writing

Save time. Save frustration.
Avoid all that extra time and worry.
Whatever your need, wedding, funeral, business meeting, conference; let me assist.
I can guide you to make sure that your speech
  • is relevant to your audience
  • is clear and concise
  • is original
  • has that little magic and sparkle
This service is confidential and bespoke to you. No cutting and pasting or using anything from the internet!
If you have drafted your speech I can help you polish it and keep it professional.
Nothing on that piece of paper – not a worry – we can solve that together.
If you want cheesy jokes or long stories, that is not something I can help with. I can make sure that if you put something like that in your speech, it is appropriate for your audience. Neither of us want to be embarrassed.
Whatever your role, best man, bridegroom, Chairman at a Burns Night Dinner or delivering a eulogy I can help you write, edit and deliver a speech that you will be proud of. It will be bespoke and original.
All my services are confidential and your details, speech or our conversations will not be discussed or passed to any other person other than my proof reader, my partner.
We do not pass any personal details to third parties and only hold the minimum data on file in order to carry out our business.
Depending on your requirement, costs start at £60.
Email or call me now.
07826 339498